Wanacry Virus Removal

What is Wanacry Virus?

Wanacry Virus is a dangerous infection which has already infected more than 230 000 computers. Although users often refer to it as a “virus”, the truth is that it is not. Technically, it is a ransomware infection because it locks users’ files and then asks money for their decryption. Although it promises to unlock those encrypted files right after getting a ransom, nobody knows what will happen after sending money to cyber criminals, so paying for the decryption of files is not recommended at all. You should go to uninstall Wanacry Virus from your computer instead the second you discover it on your computer. As you must already know, it is a harmful infection, so it will not be easy to implement the Wanacry Virus removal. Despite all those difficulties, this infection needs to be erased as soon as possible because it will stay active on your computer if you do not do anything.

Wanacry Virus

What does Wanacry Virus do?

All ransomware infections are developed to steal money from users, so it is not at all surprising that Wanacry Virus seeks to get money too – after encrypting users’ files, it tells users that they need to transfer $300 in the currency called Bitcoin. Users are given a limited time to do that. It is not recommended to pay money to cyber criminals because, most probably, your files will stay encrypted. Recovering files from a backup is your only chance to get files back without paying money. Before you take action, delete Wanacry Virus fully. If you have already found Wanacry Virus on your computer, it does not mean that you are safe and similar threats will never enter your computer again. Therefore, after the Wanacry Virus removal, go to back up your files so that in the case of the ransomware entrance you will not lose them all again.

How did Wanacry Virus enter my computer?

It has been found that Wanacry Virus is spread using the exploit called EternalBlue, and it mainly targets those computers which do not have a certain security patch released by Microsoft installed on them. In most cases, these are computers with pirated versions of the Windows OS. They do not get important updates, so they are vulnerable to malicious software. After you remove Wanacry Virus, go to purchase the license of the Windows OS and make sure that all recommended updates are always installed on your computer. Additionally, acquire a security application – it will protect your computer.

How can I delete Wanacry Virus?

It is possible to remove Wanacry Virus manually, but we do not even recommend employing this removal method because it is an extremely difficult job – you will have to remove all files of this infection one by one. It will be your responsibility if you leave active components of this ransomware infection on your computer and it starts working again. Therefore, we recommend using a legitimate automatic malware remover. You will uninstall this infection fully with its help. Unfortunately, your files will remain as they are – encrypted.Download Removal Toolto remove Wanacry Virus

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