SNSLocker Ransomware

What is SNSLocker Ransomware?

SNSLocker Ransomware is one of many file-encrypting parasites that are aimed at making easy profit off of computer users. The malicious program gets distributed through spam emails, game cracks, fake ads, corrupted links, keygens, activators, and so on. Once its executable (SNS Locker.exe and SNSLocker2.exe) gets access to your system and installs the ransomware, it starts encrypting your data files. Afterwards, it shows you a message which states that your files are encrypted and that in order to get them back, you have to pay 300 USD. We urge you not to waste your money and get rid of SNSLocker Ransomware without hesitation.

SNSLocker Ransomware

How does SNSLocker Ransomware work?

SNSLocker Ransomware does not differ much from other malign programs of this type like Cryptolocker, CryptXXX, Locky, TeslaCrypt, Cerber, and more. As it has been mentioned above, the ransomware uses different deceptive tactics to spread online. It is often the case that computer users infect their systems without even realizing it. Once the parasite takes over, it scans your drives for data files. It encodes your documents, photos, videos, databases, and so on. After the encryption is complete, it shows you a message that informs you of what has happened to your files and states that you can only decrypt them by paying the ransom. The malware also attempts to scare you by threatening to delete your files, if you try to terminate it.

The cyber criminals behind this infection demand that you pay them $300 via Bitcoins, so that they cannot be traced. We urge you not to make any haste decisions, because you cannot be sure that transferring your money will result in anything beneficial. There is no reason why you should trust the hackers to follow through on their promises after they receive the payment. We advise against wasting your money. Instead, you should terminate SNSLocker Ransomware as soon as you can.

How to remove SNSLocker Ransomware?

The only way to fully erase SNSLocker Ransomware from your PC is by using a powerful malware removal tool. You can download the anti-malware from our site. It will perform a full system scan and detect all malign elements. The utility will not only delete SNSLocker Ransomware, but also terminate other parasites, should there be any. In addition to SNSLocker Ransomware removal, the security software will also make sure to keep your computer protected from similar online threats as long as you have it installed and updated. As for your files, you can try recovering them after you eliminate SNSLocker Ransomware. You can use your backup, Shadow Explorer, or such file decryptors as Photorec, R-Studio, Kaspersky decryption tools, or others.Download Removal Toolto remove SNSLocker Ransomware

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