Remove Wncry Virus

What is Wncry Virus?

Wncry Virus is a ransomware infection which has already infiltrated thousands of computers and caused problems to thousands of users. It enters computers to lock files, so it does that the first thing it enters the system. All this threat wants from users is their money, so it opens a window demanding a ransom right after encrypting users’ files. Do not pay attention to this message, and, please, do not transfer money to cyber criminals who developed this infection if you do not want to lose your money too.

Wanacry Virus

What we recommend for you is implementing the Wncry Virus removal as soon as you discover this infection on your computer. Unfortunately, ransomware infections are stubborn threats that are hard to erase, but you still need to proceed with the Wncry Virus removal no matter how hard it is. The last paragraph will tell you everything that you need to know, so we hope it will be easier to delete Wncry Virus for you after reading it.

What does Wncry Virus do?

Wncry Virus enters computers illegally using Windows OS vulnerabilities. Then, it right away encrypts personal files and starts demanding a ransom from users. The ransom is $300 now, but it might grow in the future. No matter what is the size of the ransom Wncry Virus demands, go to uninstall Wncry Virus from your computer and do not pay a cent to cyber criminals. If you do, there are high chances that you will lose your money as well, and we are sure you do not want this to happen to you. Unfortunately, there are no free tools to unlock files developed yet, so your files will remain encrypted even if you remove Wncry Virus from your system. The only way to get them back for free is to use a backup to recover them. If you do not have your files backed up, there is, unfortunately, nothing else you can do.

How did Wncry Virus enter my system?

Unlike other ransomware infections we deal every day, this one uses an exploit called EternalBlue to enter systems. Its distribution is very sophisticated, so it is not surprising at all that it has already infected so many computers. Users can protect their computers from such malicious applications by installing all recommended Windows OS updates and keeping a reputable antimalware tool active on their systems. You should do that too even if you have already encountered Wncry Virus because similar threats and other versions of this virus might be developed soon.

How can I remove Wncry Virus?

Do not even try to delete Wncry Virus manually because it is a very hard job. Instead, go to acquire a legitimate anti-malware/anti-spyware scanner and then scan your computer with it. It will delete Wncry Virus quickly for you and will not leave any of its files on your computer. Unfortunately, no matter which one removal method you employ, your files will remain encrypted. As has been mentioned, recover them from a backup or wait until specialists release a decryptor.manual-removal

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