Remove wdsmanpro.exe

What is wdsmanpro.exe?

As you might have guessed from its title, wdsmanpro.exe is an executable file. This file does not belong to your computer system: it is an outsider that belongs to several browser hijackers that users should get rid of. The most notable of these hijackers are,, and but, of course, there are plenty more of them. Usually, you can locate the file in a folder under the name of C:Programdatauwdsmanprou. Without a doubt, every user must uninstall wdsmanpro.exe by deleting the browser hijacker related to it. You might need to eliminate some other PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), usually by the same creator. You see, the file is signed by Cherished Technology Limited and created by DTools Limited, and you may meet other creations by the companies on your personal computer.


Why is wdsmanpro.exe dangerous?

In most cases, your security application should notice the file as malicious. However, the executable might be noted by another name, and that can be PUP.Optional.WProtectManager, Adware.Mutahaba.328, BrowserModifier:Win32/SupTab, or some other. You should remove wdsmanpro.exe from your computer as soon as its presence is noticed. Its existence indicates that your computer is in danger. More precisely, the .exe file prevents the user from uninstalling the browser hijacker that the file belongs to. If you are sure of this infection, it is essential not to use your browser until all the malware is deleted. If you have a hijacker on your personal computer, your default search engine, new tab, and homepage are probably changed to some other address without your permission. Your browsing experience might have decreased because these PUPs are capable of showing modified search results by putting sponsored links in them, displaying commercial ads, and gathering both personal and non-personal information on their user. If you have wdsmanpro.exe on your system, this indicates that the removal process of the browser hijacker can be complicated.

How did my computer get infected wityh wdsmanpro.exe?

Browser hijackers are spread via software bundles secretly because nobody wants them. Therefore, the developers of such potentially unwanted programs try various techniques of putting them together with seemingly normal applications. You might have downloaded some shareware or freeware from an unreliable website if you have this file. First of all, you have to find out which program exactly is responsible for the presence of the file. You need to eliminate every PUP that looks suspicious.

How to remove wdsmanpro.exe from my computer system?

As we have written before, you must find out the culprit application and uninstall it. The best method for doing this is acquiring a reliable anti-malware and anti-spyware tool. It will scan the PC, get rid of all the bad applications, and delete wdsmanpro.exe consequently. As you might know, automatic wdsmanpro.exe removal will give the best results. Do it now and you will not regret.

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