Remove Trojan.GameThief

What is Trojan.GameThief?

Trojan.GameThief is a malicious infection that can enter a computer system without your knowledge and steal your private data. It is capable of hiding itself from various anti-virus applications by encrypting malicious files that infiltrate Windows systems surreptitiously. Moreover, the threat can also drop other malware onto your computer that could cause even more damage. It may install rogue anti-spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, and other harmful parasites. You should terminate Trojan.GameThief and all other malign files and programs as soon as you realize that your computer is infected.

How does Trojan.GameThief work?

The main symptom that can help you determine whether or not your PC is infected with the Trojan is a malicious file that belongs to the infection called Alg.exe. This file has the same name as the legitimate file on your computer that is stored in C:\Windows\System32. If you find a file with the same name in any other folder, it means that your system has been compromised. However, it is also possible that the malware has modified the original file in the System32 folder to take malign actions. Other harmful files that belong to the infection are fsmgmt.dll and kcien32.exe. They can read your email address and contact details, and erase various system processes.

Trojan.GameThief is capable of modifying run-time policies, communicating with remote servers, terminating the processes of Temporary folders, adding unauthorized processes to Windows start-up, and more. The main goal of the infection is to steal your personal data. This data can be used for malign purposes and could lead to such consequences as identity theft, financial losses, and more. If the Trojan manages to add other malware to your PC, you may also have to deal with such problems as system issues, restricted desktop access, corrupted data, false alerts, and more. That is why it is imperative that you do not waste any time and eliminate Trojan.GameThief from your computer as soon as you can.

How to remove Trojan.GameThief?

It is very difficult to detect and delete Trojan.GameThief, because it is polymorphic, meaning that it can alter its own structure. Nevertheless, you can remove Trojan.GameThief from your system if you make use of a powerful anti-malware utility. Manual Trojan.GameThief removal is out of question in this case, especially considering the fact that the Trojan is most likely not the only parasite present on your computer at the moment. If you download the malware remover from our page and install it, the software will perform a system scan and detect all malicious components. You will then be able to use it to eliminate Trojan.GameThief completely. You will also erase other malware. In addition to that, the security tool will stay useful in the future as it also functions as a malware prevention measure.


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