Remove One System Care

What is One System Care?

One System Care might look very useful at the first glance. However, being a potentially unwanted program (PUP), it carries no benefits to the user. It is advertised as an application that can help you enhance the performance of your personal computer. It is supposed to be an optimization tool that is able to scan you computer, find all the files and applications that may interfere with your computer’s capacity, and delete them for good. Unfortunately, the program does not perform the functions promised. Even if you have downloaded the application yourself, do not trust its results. More specifically, do not trust anything the PUP claims. It is obligatory to uninstall One System Care from the PC because it is both useless and threatening.

One System Care

Why is One System Care dangerous?

There are some similar computer optimization tools that are also classified as potentially unwanted applications: Win PC Optimizer, Max Computer Cleaner, Disk Optimizer Pro, and many others. If you encounter any of them, delete the PUP without mercy. That is because One System Care, as well as the other applications, is fake. You see, when it is installed onto the computer, it will start the scanning process. This will last only a few seconds, which is rather suspicious. The results are also doubtful: there will be a lot of entries (maybe even more than 1000) that will consist only of harmless temporary files and registry entries. Deleting them will not help you make the performance of you computer better. What is more, the PUP will get rid of the supposedly harmful files only when you purchase its full version. In other words, you will only spend money on an application that should be worth nothing. If you want a clean computer, acquire a professional optimization tool and do not waste money on dubious programs: delete One System Care at once.

How did my PC get infected with One System Care?

Not every user downloads the potentially unwanted program from its official site. In many cases, the application sneaks into the users’ PC systems via free software bundles. In order for this not to happen again, install a good security tool that would detect PUPs and malware before they enter your computer. Moreover, be a lot more careful when you browse: do not open links to suspicious websites and do not click on online advertisements. Also, do not avoid choosing the Advanced or Custom installation type when you download free software.

How to remove One System Care from my personal computer?

If you want to remove One System Care by yourself (which means, manually), you can do this via Control Panel. Unfortunately, this will not make your PC completely safe: if the PUP has come onto your PC in a bundle, you can expect to have other potentially unwanted programs or even viruses. As a result, the safest way for One System Care removal is scanning your personal computer with a legitimate malware removal application.


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