Remove isaHelperService.exe

What is isaHelperService.exe?

isaHelperService.exe is a file which you might detect on your system or notice the process with this name in the Task Manager. Do not worry; this file does not belong to a bad program and it is not related to bad activities at all, so there is no need to delete isaHelperService.exe from the system. If you still wish to remove isaHelperService.exe for any reason, you will need to eliminate the application associated with it. You are lucky – this will not be difficult to do because the program which is installed on your system and whose part isaHelperService.exe is does nothing bad. To find out more information about the program, you should continue reading this article. We will also tell you how you can get rid of it if you do not want to see the presence of isaHelperService.exe on your browsers anymore.


How does isaHelperService.exe act?

Researchers who have tested isaHelperService.exe found that this file is usually located in C:\program files (x86)\intel\intel(r) security assist. As this location is quite easily accessible, users usually notice that this file is there themselves. As the file location path shows, it is a part of the program created by Intel Corporation. It seems that this program allows users to modify various settings using the keyboard, so we do not recommend deleting this application. Of course, malicious software might assign the name of the legitimate program and even use the name of isaHelperService.exe in order to hide their executable files, so if you detect this file in another folder, it would be better to uninstall isaHelperService.exe as soon as possible. If you leave malicious software on board, you might notice that you cannot use computer, your personal information might be stolen, and your computer might start running very slow. Last but not least, your Internet might be disconnected.

How does undesirable program travel?

If you have recently downloaded some kind of program from a third-party web page, e.g. a file-sharing website or a torrent page and noticed the presence of isaHelperService.exe after doing that, there is a possibility that it belongs to a malicious program and it is necessary to implement the isaHelperService.exe removal. As we have already mentioned, this is especially true if you cannot find the folder C:\program files (x86)\intel\intel(r) security assist. If you want to be sure that only trustworthy programs are installed on your computer, acquire a security tool and always keep it there. You should stay away from various third-party web pages too because they often promote malware.

How to delete isaHelperService.exe?

As you already know, there is no need to remove isaHelperService.exe from the system if it belongs to the legitimate program developed by Intel Corporation. Of course, you need to implement the isaHelperService.exe removal as soon as possible if you suspect that it is a part of malicious software. If you do not want to risk deleting a legitimate file, scan your system with an automatic malware remover. If it decides that this file is malicious, it will erase isaHelperService.exe for you within seconds.Download Removal Toolto remove isaHelperService.exe

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