Remove HPSewilSrv.exe

What is HPSewilSrv.exe?

HPSewilSrv.exe is a malign executable file that is linked to the HomepageDefender software. The file is usually located in the %APPDATA%\HPSewil folder and its size ranges from 372KB to 1,5MB. The reason this executable is considered unreliable is because it exhibits unwanted and intrusive behavior. You may have noticed the file in your Task Manager or it may have been detected by your security tools. In order to eliminate HPSewilSrv.exe from your system, you will have to properly uninstall the program to which it belongs, in this case HomepageDefender.

How does HomepageDefender work?

HomepageDefender is usually classified as a potentially unwanted application and it may also be referred to as a browser hijacker. Its appearance in your system means that certain settings of your Internet browsers and possibly some other programs have been modified without your permission. In addition to the browser settings modifications, the unwanted app may also flood your browsers with pop-ups, banners, links, and other types of ads. These adverts may turn out to be fake and lead you to pages containing virtual scams. Interacting with these pages in any way in not something we would advise as it could result in serious troubles including further infecting your PC, wasting your money, and so on.

Despite the fact that HomepageDefender may be promoted as a valuable tool that can help you keep your browsers protected from other threats, it actually works only to its own benefit. It is possible that you acquired the app yourself, however, it is much more likely that it arrived onto your computer without your notice through a freeware or shareware bundle. If that is what happened, it is all the more reason for you not to waste any time and get rid of HomepageDefender as soon as possible. As we have already mentioned, you will only be able to erase HPSewilSrv.exe by deleting its related program.

How to remove HPSewilSrv.exe?

There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to HPSewilSrv.exe removal. You can terminate HPSewilSrv.exe related application manually or automatically. We suggest the automatic removal method as it is more efficient. If you implement the anti-malware tool from our site, you should be able to delete HPSewilSrv.exe and other unwanted files and programs from your PC without any difficulty. Moreover, after you install the malware prevention and removal utility, it continuously works to protect your system from various online parasites, so that you do not have to deal with similar issues again. The alternative solution is to remove HPSewilSrv.exe related app manually. Instructions presented below the article explain how you can do that.manual-removal

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