Remove HPNotify.exe

What is HPNotify.exe?

HPNotify.exe is known to be a malicious process. Users usually notice the presence of this process when they open the Task Manager. Unfortunately, its presence indicates that there is an untrustworthy program installed on your system, so you can remove HPNotify.exe only if you get rid of that suspicious application. Users can notice this process in the Task Manager; however, people who want to detect the actual file, has to go to the Program Files, because this location is a typical place where HPNotify.exe hides. You might find there other files that belong to the same undesirable program too. If you have already detected them, erase them all immediately alongside HPNotify.exe. Do you want to find out how to implement the HPNotify.exe removal? Continue reading this article.


What is HPNotify.exe responsible for?

Researchers have found out that HPNotify.exe is a file that belongs to a program called SearchProtect. The program is considered to be a potentially unwanted application, and we believe that it has slithered onto your computer without your permission. HPNotify.exe is a file that has to make sure that users cannot change their homepages and search engines, i.e. they cannot remove a browser hijacker from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. If you want to change the settings of your browsers, you will have to uninstall HPNotify.exe alongside with Search Protect. It is a must to get rid of browser hijackers not only because they do not allow users to change their homepages and search engines, but also because they might collect information about users day after day. After you remove a browser hijacker fully, we are sure that you could implement the HPNotify.exe file from your system too. We will explain you how to delete HPNotify.exe further in this article.

How did SearchProtect enter my system?

As has been mentioned, SearchProtect is a potentially unwanted program that is closely associated with browser hijackers. This is the main reason why you have to uninstall HPNotify.exe and its remaining files. Most probably, this program has entered your system without your consent. You might have installed it together with another free application, or you might have downloaded it yourself because you have thought that it is a really good application. Either way, delete HPNotify.exe and the entire application from your system. Do not forget to install a security application on the system to be able to prevent similar unreliable programs from slithering onto your computer.

How to delete HPNotify.exe?

As you already know, you have to get rid of SearchProtect in order to remove HPNotify.exe from the list of processes and the Program Files. In our opinion, the quickest way to take care of that and implement the HPNotify.exe removal is to scan the system with an automatic malware remover. You can also try to go for the manual HPNotify.exe removal too, but it will be more difficult. Besides, we do not think that this method is suitable for less experienced users who have never tried erasing untrustworthy software themselves.Download Removal Toolto remove HPNotify.exe

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