Remove Concom.exe

What is Concom.exe?

Concom.exe is an executable file that belongs to an advertising-supported application. The size of the file is about 371KB and it is usually stored in C:\Program Files\Concom folder. The file does not have a digital signature. It is detected as a malicious component by various antivirus programs. Some of its aliases include Win32.Rootkit-gen[Rtk], Trojan.GenericKD.2750225, Trojan.Amonetize.9236, Generic PUA LB (PUA), Trojan.Gen.2, and more. If you see this process in your Windows Task Manager, it means that you have adware running on your computer. The main symptom of the adware is the fact that it floods you with never-ending commercials no matter where you go online. We suggest that you terminate Concom.exe along with its associated program without hesitation.


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How does Concom.exe work?

Concom.exe related adware gets distributed through free third party software. It is presented to you during the installation process in such a way that you can easily miss it. That is what usually happens. Computer users do not pay much attention to freeware installation wizards and only realize that together with the software of their choice they have also installed an additional program when it is already too late. The programs that accompany freeware and shareware are often ad-supported.

Ad-supported applications only have one aim – web traffic generation. It does not matter what sites you visit, all of them will be filled with commercial data. The problem with the adverts, other than the fact that they are annoying, is that not all of them are reliable. The adware does not monitor the content it promotes, which means that you will be exposed to unsafe ads and links. Clicking on corrupted links may lead to serious consequences including malware infections, data loss, financial scams, and more. If you do not want to deal with any of these issues, you should delete Concom.exe related application as soon as you can.

How to remove Concom.exe?

There is no doubt that you should eliminate Concom.exe from your computer. You can do that manually or automatically. Manual Concom.exe removal should not be too complicated. All you need to do is uninstall Concom.exe related software from your system. You may also need to remove its extension from your browsers. Instructions below can help you with these tasks. If you do not think that you can complete manual removal on your own, or if you want to not only erase Concom.exe, but also make sure that there are no other unwanted files and programs on your PC, you should go with automatic removal instead. If you download the anti-malware tool from our page, it will detect and remove Concom.exe along with other potential threats. It will also shield your computer from other online infections thus keeping it safe and protected as long as it stays installed and updated.


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