Remove Chimera Ransomware

What is Chimera Ransomware?

Chimera Ransomware is a malicious infection that might scare quire a few users. It is designed to do harm and demand money later on. What it actually does is encrypting the majority of your files and demanding a pay for a program that would be able to decrypt them. You definitely have not downloaded and installed the application by yourself because it sneaks into the system of your PC without your notice or consent. After its malicious actions take place, you do not need to remove Chimera Ransomware from your computer because it disappears automatically. However, the severe consequences are not restored. You must not pay any money to the malicious developers of the application. Read the article to find out more details about this ransomware.

Chimera Ransomware

Why is Chimera Ransomware considered dangerous?

The application can also be called a Trojan horse because of its way of attacking computers: users are informed about its existence when it is already too late. The first thing that you see is a huge warning displayed on your web browser, which says that your files are encrypted, and this means that you are not able to open them anymore. The message can be either in German or broken English. It explicitly states that “You are victim of the Chimera malware. Your private files are encrypted and can not be restored without a special key file.” The program can affect the files that have the following endings: zip, .dat, .png, .txt, .js, .gif, .html, .jpg, .ini, .mp3, and similar. Once a file is encrypted, it has the extension .crypt. The application is not able to do changes to .exe files. In the warning of Chimera Ransomware, you can read that the developers demand a ransom through Tor network that is equal to 1 bitcoin (approximately 218$). Once the user pays the fee, he/she should receive a program called ChimeraDecrypter, which is supposed to restore your files. However, it is not known whether this application works at all: there is a huge possibility for you to just simply throw your money away. In order to close the annoying window, you have to restart your computer or to use the combination Alt+F4 because it does not have the close option. This ransomware is extremely malicious because it threatens to publish your personal videos and photos on the Internet.

How did Chimera Ransomware hijack my personal computer?

Users usually get ChimeraDecrypter from corrupted websites, malicious software installers, or spam email attachments. You should be more careful from now on if you want to avoid such threats. ChimeraDecrypter is usually downloaded into Temps or Downloads folder.

How to remove Chimera Ransomware from my PC?

ChimeraDecrypter removal should not be implemented because the program deletes itself after the encryption. However, your files won’t be restored. You can do this only if you have a backup of them. Additionally, you can try downloading an official decryption tool. It is strongly recommended to scan your PC with a malware and spyware removal tool because the ransomware might have left some dangerous items on your computer.


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