Remove .ccc File Extension

What is .CCC file extension?

.CCC file extension is an extension that it is usually added to photos, music, videos, and even programs after these files are encrypted by a serious infection known as Teslacrypt ransomware. There are other extensions which Teslacrypt uses, e.g. .VVV file extension; however, the presence of .CCC file extension means that you have encountered the newest version of this ransomware. As long as .CCC file extension is there, it means that you will not be able to access your files. In other words, this ransomware infection makes them useless. Many users try to remove .CCC file extension themselves by renaming the files; however, this is not a solution. Specialists have already observed that the manual .CCC file extension removal will not help users to gain access to their files again. If you want to find out what you can do about that, read through the article.

ccc File Extension

Download Removal Toolto remove .ccc File Extension

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Why Teslacrypt ransomware adds .CCC file extension?

As has been mentioned, .CCC file extension will be assigned to all the files after they are encrypted. Teslacrypt ransomware does that in order to extort money from users, so do not be surprised that you will notice a message on your screen right after .CCC file extension is added to all the files. If you have already read the message, you have probably found out that Teslacrypt ransomware asks a ransom for the .CCC file extension removal. The sum might vary depending on the region, but it is definitely not small. Unfortunately, the only way to delete .CCC file extension from files is to pay a ransom right now. There is a possibility that decryption tools will be released in the future and they will uninstall .CCC file extension for you. For now, you can copy and paste files to the system from a backup. Do not forget to get rid of Teslacrypt ransomware first because this infection might encrypt all your new files once again.

How did a ransomware infection enter my system?

There are several ways how Teslacrypt ransomware is distributed. It has been observed that users often allow it to enter their systems after they open an infected email attachment, download a bad program from a suspicious website, or simply click on the link placed on an untrustworthy web page. Other ransomware infections also use the same distribution methods. Therefore, it is a must to install a security tool! You should be more careful on the web as well in the future.

How to remove .CCC file extension?

As we have already mentioned, it is impossible to delete .CCC file extension for now without paying money; however, even if you decide not to do that, you still have to get rid of Teslacrypt ransomware. Unfortunately, this is really hard to do that manually. Therefore, we highly recommend going for the automatic ransomware removal. In other words, you have to acquire a trustworthy tool and then scan your system with it. If it is reliable, it will erase Teslacrypt in the blink of an eye.manual-removal

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