Remove Background Container.dll Error

What is Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message?

Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message may appear on your screen after you uninstall a Conduit application from your computer. The message states that there was a problem with a specific scheduled task. It may pop-up on your screen every time you turn on your PC. The reason why this notification is shown to you is because you have not deleted the Conduit program completely. If you want to remove Background Container.dll Error, you will have to terminate the program properly and eliminate the Background Container.dll task from your Task Scheduler.

Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message

How does Background Container.dll Error?

RunDLL is a legitimate file that is used to load dynamic link library modules. When the scheduled task attempts to load Background Container.dll and fails to do so, it shows you the error message. It cannot load the module, because it is no longer there. The reason it is missing is because you have deleted the Conduit application to which it belonged.

Conduit programs are not malicious, however, it is not at all surprising that computer users delete them not long after installing them onto their PC. These programs are capable of making various changes that are not beneficial for users in any way. They can alter your settings in all of your installed browsers changing their home page, new tab, and default search provider. They can also run various processes in the background and collect information about your Internet surfing habits including your visited pages, made searches, clicked adverts, and so on. Moreover, these programs may cause various advertisements to start appearing in your browsers. As you can see, Conduit software takes several unwanted actions, which is why it is often classified as potentially unwanted or ad-supported.

As it has been mentioned above, the alert appears on your desktop, because Windows is attempting to load a file that has already been deleted, while the task itself is still scheduled in the system. You should get rid of Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message without delay.

How to remove Background Container.dll Error?

The first thing you need to do in order to remove Background Container.dll Error is check your installed programs list, which you can access through Control Panel. If you see any Conduit-related entries in it, uninstall them immediately. Afterwards, you will have to delete Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message from Task Scheduler. Instructions right below the article can help you with this process. After you terminate Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message, you may also want to download and implement a powerful anti-malware utility to make sure that there are not other potential threats in your system and that it is safeguarded at all times.

Background Container.dll or RunDLL Error Message removal

  • Click on Start and move to Control Panel
  • Select Administrative Tools and go to Task Scheduler
  • Click the Task Scheduler Library
  • Locate the BackgroundContainer related tasks
  • Right-click on them and choose Delete
  • Restart your system

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