What is is a yet another browser hijacker that aims at promoting its sponsors and thus earning revenue for its creators. It changes your browser settings upon arrival and makes other modifications, most of which have to do with exposing you to advertising data. The hijacker is compatible with all major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others. There is nothing especially beneficial about it, but it does cause quite a few inconveniences. You have no reason to tolerate them. We advise that you terminate without further delay.


How does work?

The symptom of the hijacker that you are bound to notice right away is that it alters your web browser settings. It replaces your new tab, home page, and default search engine with This page may look completely reliable, however, that does not mean that you should blindly trust it. It contains a search box and such search parameters as Web, Images, Videos, and News. If you make use of your new search engine, you will get presented with original results, however, they may include sponsored links powered by the hijacker. If you wish to go back to your original search tools, you will have to delete

Other symptoms that you will notice after the hijacker takes over include constant ads appearing on all pages that you visit, redirects to unfamiliar sites, and more. These activities will negatively affect your surfing speed. Moreover, they will expose you to unreliable web content. The ads shown to you in your browsers are not monitored by anyone. They could be fake. Interacting with fake adverts can result in serious problems including malware infections, data corruption, money losses, and so on. Clearly, you should not take such risks. We advise that you avoid all advertisements at least until you eliminate from your browsers.

How to remove

There are two options you can choose from when it comes to removal. You can erase manually or automatically. The second option is by far more reliable and beneficial, because it ensures that you clean your PC altogether. If you acquire the anti-malware from our site, it will scan your system and detect all potentially unsafe components. The utility will delete along with other threats. In addition to that, it will also protect your computer from various online infections that you may encounter. Alternatively, you can remove manually with the help of the instructions that we have prepared below the article. Please make sure that before you move on to fixing your browser settings, you uninstall the hijacker’s related application from your computer.

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