Remove Angler Exploit Kit

What is Angler Exploit Kit?

Angler Exploit Kit is a very dangerous Trojan horse. Its creation dates back to 2013. However, the virus, for some reason, has already attacked many computers in 2015 and is continuing to threaten users all over the world. It can slip into your computer system unnoticed by your security tool, especially if the said tool has not been updated for a while. The Trojan inspects your security system and installs malware onto your personal computer. If you are infected at the moment, you definitely have to remove Angler Exploit Kit from the PC as soon as you can! If you do not do this, you might suffer from the detrimental effects of this virus.

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Why is Angler Exploit Kit dangerous?

Angler Exploit Kit is currently considered to be one of the most dangerous exploit kits. The Trojan is constantly updated by the cyber criminals and, because of this, it can detect even the newest vulnerabilities. It constantly follows the security updates. The vulnerabilities can even be totally unknown to the developers of security tools, and the exploit kit finds them before security specialists can fix them. Angler Exploit Kit can be hiding on any website. It usually chooses the most popular pages that look completely safe and reliable. The components it uses can vary greatly (HTML, JavaScript, Silverlight, Java, Flash, etc.). When the Trojan successfully infects a computer, it starts downloading all sorts of malware onto it. The majority of the attacks consists of various types of ransomware (malware that locks your computer or encrypts files, displays a fake warning and demands a ransom). The only purpose of Angler Exploit Kit is collecting money by distributing such malware.

How did my PC get infected by Angler Exploit Kit?

It is clear that, in order to be infected by the Trojan, you have to simply visit a corrupted website that the exploit kit used to attack users with malware. Every day, about 90,000 people are attacked by Angler Exploit Kit because it constantly infects new webpages. Because of this, the creators of the kit earn millions of dollars every year. Most of the vulnerabilities that the kit uses come from Flash, Internet Explorer, and Silverlight. You can get the infection by clicking ads on the infected pages.

How to remove Angler Exploit Kit from my computer system?

Firstly, you should know that you have to constantly update the anti-malware and anti-spyware application that you have installed on your personal computer. If you fail to do this, your PC is more vulnerable to the Trojan and you have a higher chance of infection. However, Angler Exploit Kit can also attack computers even if the security tool is recently updated. Of course, you can prevent the majority of the attacks by avoiding suspicious advertisements and warning on the Internet. Do not open spam email attachments and do not download content from unreliable pages. If you try to stay away from trouble, you can minimize the risk of being attacked. It is also very important to have a professional security application.manual-removal


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