Nemucod Ransomware

What is Nemucod Ransomware?

Nemucod Ransomware is a computer infection which might do much harm to your computer. Specialists have observed that users who allow this infection to enter their systems immediately notice that they cannot access their files anymore. Actually, this is not surprising at all because this infection locks all the files immediately after it enters systems in order to be able to extort money from users. We understand that your files are valuable and you do not want to lose them; however, we do not recommend paying money because there are other effective ways to decrypt files free of charge. Besides, nobody knows whether the decryption tool will be sent to you if you pay money. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to remove Nemucod Ransomware from the system; however, you will have to do that if you are not going to pay money to cyber criminals and want to try other ways to unlock files.

Nemucod Ransomware

How does Nemucod Ransomware act?

Nemucod Ransomware acts like other ransomware infections. It enters systems unnoticed and then encrypts files. Then, it puts new files with instructions on the Desktop and into other directories that contain encrypted files. At the time of writing, the ransom equals 0.60358 Bitcoins, which is about $250. As it is not a small sum, we suggest that you do not pay money but try to recover your files differently. For example, you do not even need to pay money if you have copies of all your important files. In addition, it seems that the decryption tool that will allow you to unlock files free of charge has been released (it can be easily downloaded from the web). Do not forget that it is a must to uninstall Nemucod Ransomware if you are not going to pay money because it might lock all new files – it will add the .crypted extension to all of them.

How is Nemucod Ransomware spread?

We cannot call Nemucod Ransomware a unique infection because it also asks money and encrypt files. In addition, it travels like other similar infections, i.e. it is usually spread in spam emails. Of course, there is a slight possibility that it might enter systems in a different way too, for example, it is known that it might sneak onto the computer together with unreliable software too. In addition, users might download it if they carelessly surf the web, for example, click on some kind of bad link they find on an unreliable third-party website. It does not matter how this threat has sneaked onto your PC because you will still have to delete Nemucod Ransomware from your PC.

How can I remove Nemucod Ransomware?

Even though it is not very easy to delete Nemucod Ransomware from the system, specialists have managed to find out that this threat does not block .exe files, which means that it will not be hard to implement the automatic Nemucod Ransomware removal. All you need to is to acquire and install security software. Then, scan the system with it to implement the full Nemucod Ransomware removal.Download Removal Toolto remove Nemucod Ransomware

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