Lockdroid Android Ransomware

What is Lockdroid?

Lockdroid¬†is a ransomware type of virus that affects Android devices. You obtain this ransomware by downloading and opening a pornography-related app called Porn ‘O’ Mania. If it manages to get administrator rights to your device, it will encrypt your files and steal your private information. It is a highly dangerous infection as it can cause a lot of damage. You might essentially end up loosing your files and have your information exposed to cyber criminals. You need to be more concerned with your security and pay more attention to what kind of apps you allow to install. It could be quite difficult to delete Lockdroid, and you will possibly end up losing your files, so make sure that you are not exposed to this ransomware.


How does Lockdroid spread?

Lockdroid is pretending to be an adult-orientated app that allows users to access pornographic content. This app goes by the name ‘Porn ‘O’ Mania’. It is not distributed via reliable app stores such as Google Play, and instead is only available through third-party app stores, torrent sites and forums. Trustworthy stores ensure that all apps are safe while anyone could add a malicious program to a questionable third-party store or a forum. Fortunately, those users who have Google Play installed should not be affected by this virus as Verify App option is available on their devices. This virus also only affects devices running older than Android 5.0 versions. If you do not want to end up with encrypted data and having to remove Lockdroid, make sure that apps you download are safe.

What does Lockdroid do?

If you install the app ‘Porn ‘O’ Mania’ and then try to run it, you will be asked to install a ‘Google package’ that is supposedly necessary. If you go with it and press ‘Continue’, you will then see a window that asks you to wait while it proceeds to supposedly unpack the necessary components. What it is actually doing is encrypting all your files and gathering your private information. When the installation is complete, you will be given a choice to ‘Continue’. If you press that button, what you will actually be pressing is ‘Activate’ which will give this ransomware administrator rights. You essentially just allowed the ransomware to erase all your data and lock you out of your phone. Since this is ransomware, you will be asked to pay a ransom. It is up to you, if you are willing to pay. But you will also have to delete Lockdroid.

Lockdroid removal

Lockdroid removal is only possible in one way. If you grant this ransomware administrator rights, the only way to uninstall Lockdroid would to reinstall the Android operating system. In order to prevent this from happening, do not download questionable apps from third-party stores. And if you must, at least look into the application to make sure that it is not carrying some sort of virus that could seriously harm your device.

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