Goliath Locker virus

What is Goliath Virus?

Goliath Virus is another ransomware that acts very similarly to such ransomware infections as CTB-Locker and Locky. Users immediately notice when this threat sneaks onto their computers because they can no longer access their files. In addition, they see a message placed on their Desktops saying that all the files have been locked and they need to buy the private key known for cyber criminals only. This is what exactly cyber criminals try to convince you to do that. We know that you need your files badly; however, we also know that it is risky to pay money to cyber criminals, so we do not recommend doing that. Instead, we believe that it would be best to delete Goliath Virus from the system as soon as possible. Do not worry if you do not know where to start because we will help you with that.

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How does Goliath Virus act?

Goliath Virus enters systems without permission and then locks all the files immediately. It will say that you have to buy the expensive private key for unlocking files but we believe that it is a bad decision because there are many stories when users send money but do not get anything in return. Besides, there is a possibility to unlock files free of charge, so you should not waste your money. First of all, it is very likely that the free decryptor exists on the web and you only need to download and install it on your PC after the Goliath Virus removal. In addition, you can easily recover your files if you have their copies. Of course, you should do that also after you remove Goliath Virus from the system completely because this threat might once again encrypt all your files.

How is Goliath Virus distributed?

There are several ways how ransomware infection can sneak onto computers. Researchers have found that they mainly enter systems when users open attachments from spam emails. Also, they might pretend to be reliable software and users might download it unknowingly. Last but not least, Goliath Virus and other ransomware infections might sneak onto your computer if you click on some kind of untrustworthy link that you come across while surfing the web. It does not really matter how Goliath Virus has entered your system because you still need to uninstall Goliath Virus as soon as possible. Do not forget to install a security tool immediately after you delete Goliath Virus in order to protect the computer from similar infections that are quite prevalent these days.

How can I remove Goliath Virus?

We know that it is extremely hard to implement the manual Goliath Virus removal, so we do not recommend erasing it by hand. Instead, you should download an automatic scanner and then scan the system with it to remove all the existing infections. If you install a really trustworthy scanner, it will not allow similar ransomware infection to enter your PC again. In other words, your files will be safe.manual-removal


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