GNL Locker Virus

What is GNL Locker Ransomware?

GNL Locker Ransomware is a computer infection that enters systems in order to encrypt files stored on the computer and then ask users to pay a ransom. Even though this threat usually sneaks onto computers without permission, we are sure that you will immediately notice if it finds the way to your PC because you will not be able to access your files, your desktop background will be changed, and you will see new files (UNLOCK_FILES_INSTRUCTIONS.txt and UNLOCK_FILES_INSTRUCTIONS.png) created. Users who store important files on their computers might decide to pay money in order to gain access to files; however, we do not recommend doing that because nobody knows whether the key for unlocking them will be provided. Besides, there are other ways to decrypt those files free of charge. Of course, you will have to remove GNL Locker Ransomware first before trying to decrypt your files. Further in this article we will tell you more about the GNL Locker Ransomware removal, so you should read the article very carefully.

GNL Locker Virus

How does GNL Locker Ransomware act?

As you already know, GNL Locker Ransomware has been created in order to obtain money from users. It asks users to pay from $190 to $250 for the decryption key. In order to inform them about the decryption process, this threat changes the wallpaper and creates files with decryption instructions. You should not hurry to pay money to cyber criminals. We understand that your pictures, images, videos, and music are very important to you; however, you can gain access to these files again if you have their copies. Some specialists also say that you can recover the majority of files using a free decryption tool that you can easily download from the web. Do not forget that it is still necessary to uninstall GNL Locker Ransomware from the system because this infection might touch all the new files you transfer on your PC or create.

How is GNL Locker Ransomware spread?

It has been noticed that GNL Locker Ransomware, like other similar ransomware infections, is usually spread as an email attachment. This attachment tries to look legitimate, so cyber criminals often create emails supposedly sent from DHL, FedEx, or other couriers. If a user downloads such an attachment and opens it, GNL Locker Ransomware enters the system without permission. You might not even know about that. Furthermore, this infection might also enter your system if you click on some kind of wrong link. Therefore, you have to be very careful all the time. If you want to make sure that the file-encrypting ransomware does not enter your PC again, you need to install a security tool after you delete GNL Locker Ransomware from your PC.

How can I remove GNL Locker Ransomware from my computer?

It is extremely hard to implement the manual GNL Locker Ransomware removal, so we do not recommend doing that. Instead, you should delete GNL Locker Ransomware automatically. You just need to acquire a trustworthy scanner and then launch it. Unfortunately, it does not mean that your files will be unlocked if you get rid of this ransomware.Download Removal Toolto remove GNL Locker Virus

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