DevNightmare Virus Removal

What is DevNightmare Virus?

DevNightmare Virus is a ransomware infection used by cyber criminals to make money off of you. It spreads on the Internet using the same tricks as do other malicious programs like corrupted links, fake adverts, spam emails, and so on. The main symptom of the parasite is that it encrypts your valuable files after it gets access to your system. These files can no longer be opened with the usual programs. That is when the threat suggests a way out: all you need to do is make a payment and you will get your files back. Of course, there is no way to actually be sure of that. We advise against risking your money. The sooner you get rid of DevNightmare Virus, the better.

How does DevNightmare Virus work?

DevNightmare Virus is based on Hidden Tear, which is an open-source ransomware project. After it successfully infiltrates your system, it starts the data encryption process. The threat corrupts your photos, documents, presentations, videos, and other important files. The affected files are easy to distinguish as they have the “.2xx9″ extension added to them. Once the encryption is complete, it creates the “READ_ME.TXT” file and adds it to your desktop.


The ransom note states that your computer has been affected by a program that made all of your data inaccessible to you. It also informs you of the fact that in order to restore your files, you have to contact the hackers that created the infection via the provided email. If you do, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to pay the ransom and how to decrypt your files with the decryption key that you will supposedly receive. As we have already mentioned, there is no way for you to know whether that will actually happen, even if you make the payment. You should not follow the instructions of the cyber crooks. Instead, we suggest that you use Michael Gillespie’s Hidden Tear Decrypter, which you can download online for free. Other solutions to your problem include using your backup, the System Restore feature, or a different file decryptor. Whatever you decide to do, first you have to delete DevNightmare Virus from your PC.

How to remove DevNightmare Virus?

You need to terminate DevNightmare Virus and other threats you may have on your computer before you recover your files. In order to erase DevNightmare Virus, you will have to implement a malware removal tool. You are welcome to make use of the utility presented on our page. It will eliminate DevNightmare Virus and other unsafe components that it detects in your system. In addition to that, the security software will provide you with online protection in real time, so that you do not have to deal with DevNightmare Virus removal ever again.

Download Removal Toolto remove DevNightmare Virus

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