DecryptorMax Ransomware Removal

What is DecryptorMax Ransomware?

DecryptorMax Ransomware is a harmful infection that can infiltrate your system and corrupt your data files. It is similar to such malicious programs as CTB-Locker, Chimera Ransomware, Cryptolocker, Coin Locker, and some others. Once the infection is done with file encryption, it shows you a warning notification, which states that you need to pay a ransom fee, if you wish to restore your lost data. It also provides you with instructions on how you can do that. Needless to say, you should not follow these instructions or trust any other information that is presented to you in the alert. What you should do is get rid of DecryptorMax Ransomware as soon as you can and restore your files yourself.


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How does DecryptorMax Ransomware work?

DecryptorMax Ransomware spreads through spam email attachments and malicious installers. It can also slither into your system with the help of fake adverts and corrupted links. That is why it is imperative that you have a powerful anti-malware tool that can stop these parasites from entering your PC. It also helps if you stay alert while browsing the Web: try to avoid suspicious ads and websites, and download various files and programs only from trustworthy sources.

Once the ransomware infiltrates your computer, it starts encrypting your files. The malicious application adds a .crinf extension to all files that it affects. It can encrypt different image files, videos, MS Office files, text files, PDF files, and more. After the file encryption, you are presented with an alert that explains to you that your system has been infected and that if you want to restore the corrupted data, you need to make a payment. You may be requested to pay in Bitcoins. Regardless of the fact that cyber criminals promise to restore your files as soon as you make the payment, we do not recommend wasting your money. It is highly unlikely that they will follow through on their promises. We suggest that you terminate DecryptorMax Ransomware and take care of your system without delay.

How to remove DecryptorMax Ransomware?

There is only one solution to DecryptorMax Ransomware removal and that is to delete DecryptorMax Ransomware automatically. To do this, you will have to implement an anti-malware utility. We recommend using the one presented on our page. Once the security tool gets installed, it will scan your computer and detect all malicious components of the infection. You will then be able to eliminate DecryptorMax Ransomware completely. In addition to DecryptorMax Ransomware removal, you will also make sure that your PC stays safeguarded from similar Internet-based parasites in the future. As for your files, you can restore them from backup, use Shadow Explorer, or download and implement one of the file decryption tools available online.


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