CTB-Locker Ransomware 2016

What is CTB-Locker Ransomware?

CTB-Locker Ransomware can be described as a computer infection that usually enters systems without permission. This infection is mainly distributed through fake downloads and email attachments. Specialists say that this computer infection is harmful and can cause many computer problems. This happens because CTB-Locker Ransomware encrypts all the files stored on the computer immediately after the infection enters systems. CTB-Locker Ransomware infection has only one purpose in mind – it wants to get easy money from computer users. Believe us, cyber criminals hide behind this infection, so it is not a good idea to pay the money.

CTB-Locker Ransomware

We are sure that you are not interested in supporting such annoying companies that do not bring any benefits to your computer. The only thing that you really have to do is to implement the CTB-Locker Ransomware removal as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is an extremely hard task to delete CTB-Locker Ransomware from the system. To find out more information about its deletion, you should read this article carefully and then immediately remove CTB-Locker Ransomware from the system. We are sure that by the end of this article you will know how to get rid of this serious computer infection.

How does CTB-Locker Ransomware act?

As you already know, CTB-Locker Ransomware enters systems without permission. Then, CTB-Locker Ransomware encrypts all kinds of files stored on the computer, including pictures, images, music, and text documents. More than that, the infection will also create files and put them in different directories in order to inform the users what they have to do. On top of that, it will change the wallpaper and place its own message on the screen. If CTB-Locker Ransomware is already installed on your computer, you know that this infection asks you to pay a ransom within 96 hours. There is a possibility that you will gain access of your files after paying money; however, it is more likely that the decryption tool will not be sent for you after the payment. Therefore, you should try to recover your files in a different way, for example, you can try using a free decryption tool that can be downloaded from the Internet after the CTB-Locker Ransomware removal. Another way to recover files is to transfer them to the computer from some kind of backup you made previously. CTB-Locker Ransomware is not a program you would like to keep in your computer’s system. That’s why you need to uninstall CTB-Locker Ransomware as soon as possible.

How is CTB-Locker Ransomware spread?

Like other serious computer infection, CTB-Locker Ransomware tries to deceive users. It has been noticed that this infection usually travels as a spam email attachment. Of course, you might also download it from the web too because it might pretend to be a useful program or a file, e.g. a movie, as well. It is not that easy to prevent ransomware from entering the system. Therefore, we highly recommend that you install a security tool on your computer and keep it always there.

How can I uninstall CTB-Locker Ransomware from the system?

Even though it is a hard task to remove CTB-Locker Ransomware from the system, you need to delete CTB-Locker Ransomware from the system as soon as possible because this infection might not allow you to use your computer without permission. In addition, it will encrypt all your new files once again. As it is extremely hard to delete CTB-Locker Ransomware manually, we suggest using an automatic malware remover to eliminate this threat. Only a 100% reliable tool will help you to get rid of this ransomware.Download Removal Toolto remove CTB-Locker Ransomware

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