Crypz Virus

What is Crypz Virus?

Crypz Virus is a new version of the file-encrypting malware known as CryptXXX. The ransomware infection spreads online by using Angler and Bedep exploit kits. Once it slithers into your computer, the parasite encodes your data with AES CBC 256-bit encryption algorithm. All corrupted files have the .crypz extension added to them, which is why the malicious program is often referred to as Crypz Virus. The hackers who created it want to make money off of you by taking your files “hostage” and demanding that you pay a certain fee for their decryption. You should not trust the cyber criminals. We advise that you terminate Crypz Virus as soon as possible.

Crypz Virus

How does Crypz Virus work?

Crypz Virus uses various tricks to infect computers without the users’ notice. It is often sent in spam emails as a malicious attachment or a corrupted link. Other distribution methods include fake adverts, malign freeware bundles, hacked websites, and so on. You should always be cautious while browsing the Web, because it is very easy to accidentally infect your PC, especially if you do not have a powerful anti-malware utility installed.

Once the threat gets access to your system, it starts the encryption process by scanning your drives in search of data files. It corrupts documents, photos, music, videos, databases, and other important files. Once they are encrypted, you can no longer access them. This is when the ransomware presents you with a “solution”. It sets a .bmp image as your desktop wallpaper. This image contains instructions on how to purchase the decryption key necessary to recover your files. The price of they key has to be paid in Bitcoins. It may vary depending on the version of the harmful application, but you may be asked to pay 1 – 2 Bitcoins, which is about 675 – 1350 USD. Needless to say, hackers do not provide you with any guarantees. We do not recommend wasting your money. Instead, you should get rid of Crypz Virus right away and try other data recovery methods.

How to remove Crypz Virus?

In order to eliminate Crypz Virus and other malign components from your computer, you will have to use a powerful malware prevention and removal tool. You can download the utility from our site. It will scan your PC, detect all issues, and erase Crypz Virus along with them. In addition to Crypz Virus removal, the anti-malware utility will also ensure your system’s safety in the future. After you delete Crypz Virus from your computer, you will be able to try restoring your files. If you have them backed up, you should be able to recover them without any difficulty. If not, you can use one of the free file decryptors available online or the Windows System Restore feature.Download Removal Toolto remove Crypz Virus

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