CryptoLocker Removal

What is CryptoLocker?

CryptoLocker is a dangerous ransomware infection that can enter your computer without your notice. The malware is aimed at extorting money from computer users in exchange for the promise of decrypting their files. Of course, the parasite is what encrypts them in the first place. CryptoLocker is similar to other harmful programs of this type such as TeslaCrypt, Chimera, CryptoWall, DecryptorMax, and some others. It infiltrates your system, encrypts your files and presents you with a message stating that the only way you can get your files back is by purchasing a private decryption key. We do not recommend wasting your money, because trusting cyber criminals to follow through on their promises to restore you data is not a good idea. We suggest that you terminate CryptoLocker without hesitation.

CryptoLockerDownload Removal Toolto remove CryptoLocker

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How does CryptoLocker work?

CryptoLocker is distributed with the help of Trojans that may appear online in various forms. You may be tricked into downloading a malicious spam email attachment thinking that it is a legitimate file. You may also infect your computer by simply clicking on a corrupted link or a fake advert and getting redirected to a malign site. There are plenty of other tactics used by cyber criminals in order to distribute harmful files, so you should be extremely careful while surfing the Web, especially if you do not own a reliable anti-malware protection.

Once CryptoLocker gets installed, it starts encrypting your files. The parasite can corrupt your photos, videos, documents, and other important data. It can also affect such utilities as Command Prompt, Registry Editor, Msconfig, Task Managers, and others. As soon as the malicious program is done encrypting your files, it presents you with a threatening message. The message states that your files are encrypted and that the only copy of the decryption key that can restore them is located on a secret server. The only way to acquire the key is by paying the cyber criminals. The sum may vary, however, you will be asked to pay it in Bitcoins. As it has already been mentioned, you should not follow the instructions that are given to you by the cyber crooks. Instead, you should delete CryptoLocker from your computer as soon as you can. The next chapter explains how you can remove CryptoLocker and other infections from your PC for good.

How to remove CryptoLocker?

In order to eliminate CryptoLocker from your computer, you have to implement a malware removal tool. The anti-malware will scan your computer and detect all malicious components that it contains. It will erase CryptoLocker completely and delete other threats that may be present in your system. In addition to CryptoLocker removal, the utility will also make sure that your PC stays safeguarded in the future by shielding it from similar online infections. As for your files, we recommend that you restore them from backup or use one of the professional file decryption tools available online.


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