CryptoDefense Virus Removal

What is CryptoDefense Virus?

CryptoDefense Virus is a malicious infection that is classified as ransomware. It can infiltrate your system without your notice and corrupt your data files. Once it is done with the file encryption, it demands that you pay a certain fee, if want to restore your data. Unfortunately, the message you see on your screen is true. Your files have indeed been encrypted by the malicious program. However, we would not recommend following the instructions presented to you by cyber criminals and wasting your money in such a way. There are no guarantees that you will regain access to your files, even if you make the payment. In fact, that is very unlikely. We advise that you terminate CryptoDefense Virus without hesitation.

CryptoDefense Virus

How does CryptoDefense Virus work?

CryptoDefense Virus is similar to such harmful applications as DecryptorMax, Cryptolocker, CryptorBit, and others. It infects computer systems using different tricks. It spreads via malicious email attachments, corrupted links, fake ads, freeware bundles, and so on. Once the malware gets installed, it starts encrypting your data. It affects photos, videos, documents, and other files. As soon as the encryption is complete, you see a pop-up message on your screen, which states that in order to decrypt your files, you have to purchase a “special software – CryptoDefense Decryptor”. The price of this software is usually $500 or €500 and it has to be paid in Bitcoins. The notification also threatens that if you do not make the payment in time, this sum will be doubled.

As it has already been mentioned, we do not recommend trusting the cyber crooks to follow through on their promises to restore your data. Especially considering that you can restore your files yourself without wasting your money. Needless to say, that before you decrypt you data you should delete CryptoDefense Virus with all of its components from your PC.

How to remove CryptoDefense Virus?

In order to get rid of CryptoDefense Virus, you will have to implement a malware removal tool. If you download the anti-malware from our page, you will be able to scan your system and detect all malicious files and programs. You will then be able to use the utility to eliminate CryptoDefense Virus completely. In addition to CryptoDefense Virus removal, the security tool will also keep your system protected from other harmful threats that you may encounter online.

After you delete CryptoDefense Virus from your PC, you can move on to decrypting your files. To do that you need to open User Accounts and Family (you can access it via Start → Control Panel) and go to User Accounts. Here, you should click on Manage your file Encryption Certificates and click Next in the Encrypting File System wizard. On Certificate details, select all files that you want to decrypt and click Next. Finally, choose All Logical Drives and click Next. Others ways to decrypt your data include restoring it from backup, using Shadow Explorer, or implementing file-decryption tools.


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