Better_call_saul virus

What is Better_call_saul virus?

Better_call_saul virus is a ransomware infection that spreads online with the help of spam emails with malicious .doc file attachments. It is aimed at extorting money from computer users by corrupting their data and demanding that they pay a ransom for it. The parasite uses the RSA-256 algorithm for file encryption and creates public and private decryption keys. Once the encryption process is complete, your desktop wallpaper gets replaced with the ransom message. We urge you not to follow any instructions coming from the ransomware creators and delete Better_call_saul virus without further delay.

Better_call_saul virus

How does Better_call_saul virus work?

It does not matter which Windows version you are using, because the ransomware can affect all of them. Once it gets access to your computer, it begins the encryption process. The threat corrupts such file types as your documents, videos, photos, databases, and so on. All encrypted files have the .better_call_saul extension added to them. The ransom note appears as your desktop background as soon as the encryption process is complete. It is presented in the Russian and English languages. The wallpaper informs you of the fact that your files are encrypted and that for further instructions you should open the README.txt file.

We advise that you do not bother with these instructions, because all they will tell you to do is to pay $150 for the decryption key, which you may never receive, even if you do make the payment. You will also be informed of the 48-hour time limit, by the end of which all of your files will be deleted. If you do not wish to waste your money, you should terminate Better_call_saul virus as soon as you can. Although there is no sure way to decrypt your data without the key, there are a couple of methods that you can try.

How to remove Better_call_saul virus?

Before you try recovering your files, you have to get rid of Better_call_saul virus. You have to delete Better_call_saul virus completely to make sure that it does not regenerate. To do that, you will need to implement a powerful anti-malware tool. You can download the malware remover from our site and use it to scan your PC, detect all malign components, and eliminate Better_call_saul virus along with them. In addition to Better_call_saul virus removal, the security tool will also provide you with real-time online protection and other beneficial features. As for your files, you can restore them from backup, if you have one. If not, you can use file-decryption software like R-Studio, Photorec, Kaspersky virus-fighting utilities, and others. Such Windows features as System Restore and Shadow Volume Copies may be employed for file recovery as well.

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